Meet the Team

Coming Together

Carrbridge is a village of around 800 residents with immense community spirit and pride.

Carve Carrbridge is now in it’s 21st year and in 2023 we counted over 110 volunteers who make the event the success it has become –  year on year.

Without their support, this event would not happen.
We rely heavily on our day volunteers and volunteer coordinators doing jobs such as Traffic Management, the Gate Team, Auction team, the team that very few people see who feed the Carvers and volunteers as well as those who help set up and clear the venue in the days before and after the event and other volunteers doing everything in between, before and after.

Throughout the year a core group of volunteers coordinate the event so here is a brief introduction to the 2024 team.






Event CoordinatorGavin Gerrard
Gavin has led the Carve team since 2006 drawing on his skills as a Project manager delivering infrastructure projects for an international construction company.  He is secretary of the community charity Carr-Bridge Ahead  which invests the proceeds from the event to local good causes.

He is often off on his bike, skis, kayak in Scotland, France, Norway, USA, Alaska etc, etc………..(you get the picture).
“Since first getting involved with the Carve two things have always really impressed me. Firstly the talent and creativity of the carvers and also the incredible number of local volunteers and businesses, who year on year, give their time and support to make the event possible.  It is a real credit to this community and a privilege to be able to play a part in that.”


Carvers CoordinatorDoug Jeffrey
On retiring to Carrbridge from a career working with young people and community groups in and around Edinburgh, Doug took on the role of Carvers/Arena Coordinator in 2014. Doug is an outdoor  enthusiast and is often found climbing, biking, kayaking or skiing the mountains, lochs and  coasts of Scotland and overseas.
Doug is a Trustee of the community company Carr-Bridge Ahead.



Merchandising  Coordinator- Lara Campbell
Lara is our longest serving team member and has been involved since the start of the event. She has fulfilled a number of roles on the team over the years.
Lara is recently employed by sponsor Landmark Forest Adventure Park having worked for many years in Hospitality.
Lara is usually behind the camera tho Lara and Margarete are pictured here with Gin and Prosecco cocktails and Paige – Selfie taken by Karen one Midsummer night . Karen also volunteers on the day as part of the merchandise team and with the Event Press Releases which is of course the purpose of this meeting!!



Stalls and Traders CoordinatorShona Rankin

Shona is now retired but a very active volunteer in the community throughout the year. She is secretary of  Carrbridge Community Orchard and rumour has it she has been known to dabble with the Ukulele.
Shona ensures we have a high quality offer of stalls  including local charities and volunteer groups raising funds for their activities and all the logistics behind the scenes.


Food and Beverage Coordinator – Karen Stewart

Karen joined the team for the early planning stages in 2020.  She demonstrated her versatility when the event went online by producing a video of the popular Carrbridge Carving Trail . Karen is responsible for the onsite Food and Beverage offer.  She coordinates the Beer Tent team, the volunteers who refuel the Carvers and volunteers, is the contact for the PTC who raised funds by delivering in the T Tent and ensures our visitors have a choice of refreshments from local suppliers and voluntary organisations.

Activities Coordinatorto be confirmed


Field CoordinatorGavin Gerrard

Gavin ( event coordinator) has fulfilled this role for the last couple of years with a highly skilled and honed team who are ‘Ninjas’ when it comes to putting up the tents, gazebos, tarpaulins, crowd barriers and so on.

 Parking Team and Auction Team CoordinatorAlan Rankin

Alan is multitalented and is also the coordinator for our sister event the Golden Spurtle.   Recently retired Alan is a keen Yachtsman and has has a keen eye for detail and works closely with day leads and volunteers to deliver the start of the day and end of the day contact with the public. Alan has recently become a trustee of Carrbridge Ahead 



Publicity and Media CoordinatorMargarete Paschke
Margarete is a lecturer at the University of the Highlands and Islands.  She has been involved in the event for a number of years as a day volunteer as part of the Gate Team. Her tasks include managing the website, social media for the event and press / media enquiries. Margarete is chair of Carrbridge Community Orchard and also involved in the Golden Spurtle looking after the merchandise offer.  Like Lara, Margarete is often behind the camera.