Trade Stall Applications 2024

The 21st anniversary of the event is on Saturday 31st August.

Applications to trade at Carve Carrbridge 24 are now CLOSED.

If you have any queries please contact [email protected]

Food and Beverage Vendors please contact [email protected] for availability and pricing information.

      1. All stall holders must submit a completed application no later than 29th April 2024.
      2. You should confirm that you have Public Liability Insurance cover of £5million.
      3. (A copy of your certificate of insurance will be requested when your application is confirmed).
      4. Vendors will be required to comply with Highland Council Vendors Checklist.
      5. Trade Stall fee for 2024 will be £55, for up to 3 metres, and £20 per metre thereafter.
        Registered Charities or local charitable organisations are £25 for up to 3 meters, and £10 per metre thereafter.
      6. Please provide measurements of exact area your stall requires. Include sizes of cars, caravans, gazebos and/or tents (guy lines inclusive). The registration plate of any vehicles which form part of a stall must be provided in advance.
      7. The sale of pyrotechnics, lasers and fire arms by any stall attending the event is prohibited. The sale of “silly string” is also prohibited due to the environmental impact of this material on the village playing field.
      8. Full T&C’s  and cancellation policy on the application form.

Carve Carrbridge, and its officials, reserve the right to take other action as appropriate, which may include removal of a stall holder from the event field, if a stall holder does do not adhere to these terms and conditions.