Previous Winners – 2017-2022

2022 Winners

1st Prize Sam Bowsher with ‘Utterly Otterly’

2nd Prize  Guilliame Andelot with ‘ Asterix in Scotland’

3rd Prize Chris Wood with ‘Wolfer’

People’s Choice Iain Chalmers ‘ Bear Necessities’

Carvers Choice Jonathan Sherwood with ‘Rooster’

Best New Entrant – Guilliame Andelot

2020 Winners ( Virtual)

1st Prize    Sam Bowsher with ‘Ready Tae Roam’

2nd Prize  Chris Woods with ‘ ’

3rd Prize   Tom Harris Ward and Garry Shand

People’s Choice Iain Williams

2019 Winners

1st Prize    Michael Tamoszus with ‘Girl with a Lantern’

2nd Prize  Pete Bowsher with ‘ Hill Billy Carver’

3rd Prize   Martin Kalman with ‘Boy and Horse’

People’s Choice Iain Chalmers ‘Timorous Beastie ’

Carvers Choice Martin Kalman with ‘Boy and Horse’

Best New Entrant – Marcos Marino Seone

2018 Winners

1st Prize    Michael Tamoszus with ‘Girl in the Wind’

2nd Prize  Pete Bowsher

3rd Prize   Martin Kalman

People’s Choice Michael Tamoszus

Carvers Choice Michael Tamoszus

Best New Entrant – Martin Kalman

2017 Winners

1st Prize    Raimondas Uzdravis with ‘Dragon’

2nd Prize  Tim Burgess

3rd Prize   Pete Bowsher

People’s Choice Pete Bowsher

Carvers Choice Raimondas Uzdravis

Best New Entrant – Raimondas Uzdravis