About the Competition

The Competition

The main competition will be held over 4 hours, including a break after 2 hours.  In addition a ‘quick carve’ event will be held immediately after the main event, with carvers being asked to prepare a small carving which can then be auctioned for the benefit of the local community.


Six judges will mark each carving out of 10 and the carver with the highest overall score out of a maximum 60 points will be declared the winner. The Chief Judge will have the casting vote in the event of a draw. All pieces will be judged on originality, technical difficulty and artistic merit.

People Choice

Every visitor will be offered a token to vote for their personal favourite carving. The tubs for each Carver are weighed once the Carving has finished and if it is close a count will take place.

Carvers Choice

As experts the Carvers will also have an opportunity to vote for their choice and the winner is usually reasonable generous in sharing the Prize donated by Tomatin Distillery.

Grand Auction

After the prize giving your professional auctioneer will sell the carvings to the highest bidder.