Carving Trail

Carrbridge has over 30 carvings mostly in private ownership.
However the Carving Trail focusses on those in public spaces and a few have been included with the owners consent. You should find a QR code in all of these spaces to tell you more.

Navigating the Trail
The Carrbridge Carving Trail is an ideal navigation exercise to add a bit of fun. There are 3 apps to choose from which are free and you can choose to follow the route using one or more of them.

If you scan the QR code below it will take you to the map. Some woodland paths are uneven and appropriate footwear is important.
You may also wish to explore the Core Paths represented here and follow the advice given

Origins of the Carving Trail
In 2017  Carrbridge Business and Tourism Association commissioned a Carving by Alice Buttress with her husband Jeff of Carrbridge Artists Studio to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of our iconic Packhorse Bridge. The carving depicts the famous bridge, local wildlife and landmarks in the village.

The Bridge 300 Carving was made possible with funding from Sustrans, Carrbridge Business & Tourist Association and CNPA, with the wood, a wonderful old Burr Elm, being donated by Culloden House Hotel, Inverness. This is the optimal starting point of the popular Carving Trail through the village and surrounding woodlands.

Carvings in Carrbridge

You may also come across a number of carvings on private properties purchased over the years mostly at Carve Carrbridge and we would ask that you respect the owners privacy and view these from public paths.

You will be able to find out more about many of the Carvings by scanning the QR codes in selected locations as you progress around the trail or follow the links below.

Please be aware of the uneven terrain in woodland areas and wear appropriate footwear.

Please take care when crossing roads.

If walking dogs please ensure you pick up and deposit in the Dog poo bins

Carvings in Public Spaces

Bridge 300 – Village Car Park
Petto- Village Hall
Peter and Friends-Village Playpark
Landmark Totem – Landmark Car Park
Woodland Paths- Wolves
Woodland Paths – Oak Bench Seats
Woodland Paths  – Owl
Woodland Paths – Antz
Glencharnoch Wood- Woodland Trust Bench
Wood Spirit- Road Junction
Owl and the Pixie House- Carr Plantation

Privately owned carvings

We look forward to adding more with the permission of the owners and we would respectfully request  that you view the carvings from outside private properties and do not enter the gardens.

These are depicted on the map but the coordinates are not included in the route so they are bonus finds.

Rowan Cottage
Old Police House
Seafield Cottage