Carving Trail

In 2017 The Carrbridge Business and Tourism Association commissioned a Carving by Alice Buttress with her husband Jeff of Carrbridge Artists Studio to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of our iconic Packhorse Bridge.

The Bridge 300 Carving was possible due to funding from Sustrans, Carrbridge Business & Tourist Association and CNPA, with the wood, a wonderful old Burr Elm, being donated by Culloden House Hotel, Inverness.

The carving depicts the famous bridge, local wildlife and landmarks in the village.

This is the starting point (1) of the popular Carving Trail through the village which includes a number of carvings purchased over the years now on private properties  as well as those on the walks through the local woodlands.


To celebrate our latest Carving ‘Petto’ (2) which was carved from an old tree beside the Village Hall, we are launching an interactive version of the trail started in 2017 .

You will be able to find out more about many of the Carvings by scanning the QR codes in selected locations as you progress around the trail or follow the links below.




We look forward to adding more with the permission of the owners and we would respectfully request  that you view the carvings from outside private properties and do not enter the gardens.



2 ‘Petto’

7 Landmark Car Park Totem

17 Rowan Park

18 Wood Spirit

20 Battanropie House

22 Caberfeidh

23 Pentland

30 Woodland Path Owl

31 Oak Seats

32 Woodland Trust Bench

33 Wolves

34 Antz